Aircraft Fleet

The number of passengers may vary based on length of flight, amount of luggage, and flight operations.

Aircraft specifications listed are actual. Maximum payloads and size of shipment may be reduced due to weather, distance, size, and weight of the shipment.


DeHavilland DHC-8-100

Max passengers: 29 or 37 passengers
Max payload: 8,100 pounds
Max cargo length: 11 feet
Max cargo width: 80 inches
Max cargo height: 76 inches

Beechcraft B1900C

Max passengers: 19
Max payload: 4,500 pounds
Max cargo length: 14 feet
Max cargo width: 54 inches
Max cargo height: 57 inches

B1900 Cargo

Max passengers:  N/A
Max payload: 5,000 pounds
Max cargo length: 25 feet
Max cargo width: 54 inches
Max cargo height: 57 inches

Piper PA31 Chieftain

Max passengers: 9
Max payload: 1,800 pounds
Max cargo length: 8.5 feet
Max cargo width: 40.5 inches
Max cargo height: 41.5 inches

Cessna C207 Skywagon

Max passengers: 7
Max payload: 1,200 pounds
Max cargo length: 8 feet
Max cargo width: 39 inches
Max cargo height: 39 inches

Cessna C208 Caravan

Max passengers: 9
Max payload: 3,200 pounds
Max cargo length: 14 feet
Max cargo width: 60 inches
Max cargo height: 54 inches

Saab 2000

Max passengers: 45
Max payload: 12,120 pounds
Max cargo length: 11 feet
Max cargo width: 80 inches
Max cargo height: 76 inches