Community Relations

RavnAir Group is committed to supporting events and organizations in the communities that we serve. Through our in-kind donations and sponsorship’s (i.e. tickets on RavnAir Alaska, RavnAir Connect and PenAir), we have been able to strengthen the work done by hundreds of charities and not-for-profit organizations.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility pillars include: education, health and the environment. A substantial percentage of our donations is focused on these pillars.

Applications for donations or sponsorship’s should be submitted through RavnAir Group’s online system if at all possible. RavnAir Group receives a significant volume of requests for support, so all applications are evaluated based on the criteria above. We realize that items come up unexpectly but please give us a minium of 4-8 weeks.

Applications Should Include

  • The specific request for travel support
  • Key event details, including venue, attendees, cause, etc.
  • Category exclusivity (i.e. no other air transportation provider)
  • Full details of recognition and promotion offered to RavnAir Group, including logo placement, printed materials and advertising, live mentions, social media, etc. if applicable
  • A list of sponsors who have committed to date
  • Event timeline, highlighting important deadlines (print, etc.)
  • Post-event summary of how well the event went (e.g. how much money was raised etc. )

We Are Unable to Support

  • National or International organizations or causes
  • Requests involving any level of financial support (i.e. anything other than tickets or freight shipments)
  • Individuals or teams (artists, actors, athletes, athletic teams, etc.). This does not include school based teams.
  • Events held outside of RavnAir Group’s markets (no regional, national or global events)
  • Religious organizations
  • Third-party flow-through or umbrella organizations
  • Endowments
  • Political organizations, for-profit organizations or other corporations’ community outreach initiatives

Donation/Sponsorship Request Form

While we cannot guarantee a response time, a member of the Donation/Sponsorship Support Committee will follow up with you as soon as we can once the committee has made a decision.