Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Will there be any changes to Penair or Ravn schedules or markets?
    A: There are currently no planned changes to any PenAir or Ravn schedules or market destinations. As we do regularly, we review schedules and market destinations to determine how we can best serve our customers and the communities. If any changes do occur, as both PenAir and Ravn have always done, we will communicate with you to make sure you are kept informed of any service changes.
  • Q: Will airfares increase?
    A: Both PenAir and Ravn will continue to provide customers exceptional value.
  • Q: Will Ravn Alaska’s FlyAway Rewards frequent flyer program change?
    A: No, we understand how much our customers value our frequent flyer program. It will remain a robust program that rewards those who continue to choose to fly with us.
  • Q: What does this mean for Ravn customers?
    A: With PenAir joining Ravn Air Group, customers of our two airlines will now be able to fly to more destinations in Alaska. PenAir will continue to operate under its own, separate operating certificate. Like Ravn Alaska and Ravn Connect, it is now part of Ravn Air Group.
  • Q: What does this mean for PenAir customers?
    A: Service to PenAir’s current markets will continue, ensuring continuity of flights to all communities serviced by PenAir. And, with PenAir joining the Ravn Air Group, those customers will also have more travel opportunities.
  • Q: Will PenAir and Alaska Airlines still have the same partnership agreement?
    A: Yes, PenAir’s Alaska Airlines partnership to provide service to Dutch Harbor will stay the same, as will the codeshare agreements.
  • Q: Will there be any changes to PenAir and Ravn Alaska’s website?
    A: We will continue to maintain both websites.
  • Q: Who do I contact for questions on my current PenAir or Ravn flight reservations?
    A: For Ravn flights, please contact Ravn Customer Care at: or call 907-266-8394. For PenAir flights, please contact: 800-448-4226.
  • Q: What is Happening with PenAir’s Service to St. Paul?
    A: There will be no interruption in service to St. Paul and Saab 340 service will continue through mid-February, at which time Ravn’s Dash 8 will take over the St. Paul operation and schedule. We are currently in the process of getting overwater certification so that the Dash 8 can begin service to St. Paul by Q1 2019. For any passengers impacted by a flight cancellation can contact reservations at 800-448-4226 to discuss available options for alternative travel arrangements or obtaining a refund.
  • Q: Can I earn points when I fly on PenAir as a FlyAway Rewards member or vice versa as a PenAir rewards member on Ravn flights?
    A: For now, you can only earn points with Ravn when flying on Ravn flights and for PenAir flights you can earn miles on the Alaska Airlines Mileage program. We will update you once we have any news to share on our rewards program.

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