The number of passengers may vary based on length of flight, amount of luggage, and flight operations.

Aircraft specifications listed are actual.


Saab 2000 Saab 2000 Max passengers: 45
Max payload: 12,120 pounds
Max cargo length: 11 feet
Max cargo width: 80 inches
Max cargo height: 76 inches
DeHavilland DHC-8-100 DeHavilland DHC-8-100 Max passengers: 29 or 37 passengers
Max payload: 8,000 pounds*
Max cargo length: 11 feet
Max cargo width: 80 inches
Max cargo height: 76 inches
Beechcraft B1900C Beechcraft B1900C Max passengers: 19
Max payload: 4,000 pounds*
Max cargo length: 25 feet
Max cargo width: 54 inches
Max cargo height: 57 inches
Piper PA31 Chieftain Piper PA31 Chieftain Max passengers: 7
Max payload: 1,500 pounds*
Max cargo length: 8.5 feet
Max cargo width: 40.5 inches
Max cargo height: 41.5 inches
Cessna C207 Skywagon Cessna C207 Skywagon Max passengers: 5
Max payload: 1,200 pounds*
Max cargo length: 8 feet
Max cargo width: 39 inches
Max cargo height: 39 inches
Cessna C208 Caravan Cessna C208 Caravan Max passengers: 8 or 9
Max payload: 2,500 pounds*
Max cargo length: 14 feet
Max cargo width: 60 inches
Max cargo height: 54 inches

*Maximum payloads and size of shipment may be reduced due to weather, distance, size, and weight of the shipment.