Ravn Alaska FlyAway Rewards and Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

– Important information to read before filling out form below.

Effective May 5, 2019 – all Alaska Air mileage accruals must be booked and ticketed through Alaska Airlines, either online or by contacting their reservations center. Reservations booked and ticketed on RavnAir Alaska, after May 5, 2019 are not eligible for Alaska Airlines miles.

Prior to May, 2019 – Don’t forget you must provide your Mileage number prior to each trip at ticket purchase or check-in as it is not automatically entered. Your Ravn Alaska FlyAway Rewards or Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan account must also have been open “active/enrolled” at the time of travel to request past or missing credits. Missing past credit can only be applied up to 12 months prior to today’s date, and any bonus credits (online purchase bonus or market special bonuses) do not apply.

Please submit your completed information below and we try to verify your travel and credit your FlyAway Rewards account or submit to Alaska Airlines on your behalf. A ticket number must be supplied to receive credit.

You can only receive credit for mileage on your plan for flights you have flown. You cannot receive credit if your name is not on the ticket. The ticket name and name on the account must match. You have a choice of which program you may use; but you cannot receive credit for the same flight in both programs. Please do not mail in your information if only requesting Ravn Alaska mileage credit. The form below will get you the credit you’re looking for.

Your Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan or Ravn Alaska FlyAway Points Account must have been open at the time you traveled to request past credit and credit will be given for travel occurring up to twelve months prior to the current date. Bonus credits do not apply if requested via this online form.

When your mileage number was provided at the time of travel, It may take up to 6 weeks for your credit to appear on your Alaska Airlines Mileage statement. Credit for Ravn Alaska FlyAway Rewards generally post within 7 business days of travel. Please allow this time to first pass before requesting credit. Mileage, reduced, sponsorship, or other discounted ticekts do not qualify for reward points or mileage credit.

Alaska Airlines does not offer Mileage Plan Credit on Ravn Alaska flights between any city pairs that can be flown on Alaska Airlines. To qualify for mileage accrual, please note that your flights must fall within the eligible flight number range below and your flight must be marketed and operated by Ravn Alaska.

Ravn Alaska Eligible Flight Numbers
0001 – 0999
7000 – 7999

For further information on our partnership with Alaska Airlines, click here.

Please fill out all information completely. Submissions with missing information will not be processed and disregarded. Please only enter one round trip per submission. The Mileage or Points number name MUST match the traveler name otherwise credit cannot be given.

If you traveled with a commuter coupon the ticket number is NOT required on the form below. HOWEVER, PLEASE TYPE “COMMUTER COUPON” IN THE BOX. Please allow up to 3 weeks for past credit requests to appear on your statement as research time is needed.

REMINDER: If you purchased your ticket through Alaska Airlines, are requesting Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan credit and your ticket starts with 027 you MUST request that mileage credit directly from Alaska Airlines.


Name of Passenger *

Email Address *

Ticket Number *

Mileage Plan or Points Number *

Which Airlines Plan for Credit? *

Exact dates of Travel *

Where did the passenger travel and what flight numbers? *


Please note that a reply email will not be sent for your mileage credit request. Please check your account for the update in approximately 3 weeks. Requests to add missing credit (failure to provide mileage number each trip) will result in a $10.00 research fee per flight leg.

Missing credit for a flight you’ve already flown? Please Read Carefully

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Requests – ONLY

You can receive past credit by submitting your information (Confirmation Code, Ticket Number, or flight and exact travel date) directly to Alaska Airlines. Please visit the Alaska Airlines website if you purchased your tickets through Alaska Airlines directly. Alaska Airlines tickets begin with (027). This online form can be used for ALL Ravn Alaska flight requests as long as your ticket was issued by Alaska Airlines. (027) or you can mail your information to Alaska below.

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan
P.O. Box 24948
Seattle, WA 98124-0948
Fax: 206-433-3477