Here you’ll find a helpful checklist from RavnAir Alaska to make sure your Alaska seafood catch gets home as fresh as the day you caught it.

General Tips:

  • Check with your connecting carriers for their minimum transfer times.
  • Have containers packaged and sealed before you get to the airport. TSA will inspect your containers in Anchorage.
  • Seal the boxes tight.
  • Due to high volume during the fishing season, we encourage you to bring in your packaged fish at least 12 hours before your flight. RavnAir Alaska has cold storage in Anchorage to hold onto your boxes until you arrive.

What to Use:

  • Strapping or plastic tape (a minimum of two bands around entire package).
  • Plastic coolers or fish boxes lined with a polyethylene bag.
  • Dry Ice:
    • Up to five pounds can be used.
    • Package MUST be marked “Dry Ice” along with weight of each dry ice packet.

Do NOT Use:

  • Duct tape.
  • Styrofoam boxes.
  • Wet ice is not allowed.


  • Avoid additional baggage charges by keeping each container under 50 pounds.
  • Each container weighing more than 100 pounds must be shipped via air cargo. If this method is chosen, your container will not arrive with your flight.


  • Label each container with your name, phone number and the contents.
  • Mark each container with shipping instructions—Keep frozen; Keep cool; Perishable; This side up.
  • Make certain your labels will stay on the containers during the trip. Some stickers will slide off cool or wet packages.
  • Remove previous bag tags so that your luggage is not re-routed.