RavnAir Alaska is proud to offer Web Check-In to save you time. Please note that web check-in is not offered for unaccompanied minors, passengers traveling with infants, and passengers holding paper tickets (including RavnAir Commuter Coupons).

If checking in online, you may check in within 24 hours of departure. Online check-in will not be available within one hour of your flight’s departure. Once you have printed your boarding pass, check in one hour before departure. You will need a government-issued picture ID (not required for children under 18) as you board the aircraft.

If checking in at the airport, RavnAir Alaska requires check-in at least one hour prior to scheduled flight departure time. You will need a government-issued picture ID to check in(not required for children under 18).

Please remember: If you are traveling on a flight operated by RavnAir Alaska (certificate of Corvus Airlines) or PenAir, we are required by the TSA to collect Secure Flight Information which includes your first, middle and last name, date of birth, gender and redress number (if applicable) for every reservation and, by federal law, you must provide this before you can be checked in.


RavnAir Alaska – Cutoff Policy

RavnAir Alaska has a 30-minute final check-in cutoff policy however we encourage 40 minutes if checking baggage. This means that you must be checked in and holding your boarding pass no later than 30 minutes prior to your flight departure time and be present for boarding at the gate. Within 30 minutes of the flight’s departure, our staff is finishing the final flight paperwork and the loading process and can no longer allow people to check in for the flight. If you are not checked in at least 30 minutes prior to departure, your entire reservation will be cancelled and your seats will be released for standby customers or additional baggage and freight. Please note that the boarding gate door will be closed at 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure.

Failure to check-in or cancel a confirmed reservation will result in automatic cancellation of your entire itinerary.

PenAir – Cutoff Policy


  • 90 minutes prior. We recommend you check-in at least 90 minutes prior to scheduled departure. Come early, relax and enjoy some down time.
  • 40 minutes and the counter closes. The PenAir ticket counter closes 40 minutes prior to scheduled departure. We may be small but it still takes time. Give yourself plenty of time to stand in line prior to that 40-minute cut off.
  • 30 minutes and you must be in the gate area. Once checked-in, passengers must be through TSA and at the boarding gate available to board 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure. Being late may cause the cancellation of your reserved seats and/or your entire reservation.


To standby for a RavnAir Alaska flight, you must be physically at the airport terminal. You may put yourself on a standby list for an earlier flight on the same day or you may participate in our Same Day Flight Change Program.

Same Day Flight Change Program

With our Same Day Flight Change Program, you can get a confirmed seat for a flight on the same day for only $25 (for tickets purchased on, or prior to April 15, 2019 and on RavnAir Alaska). For tickets purchased on, or last exchanged, on April 15th (both RavnAir Alaska or PenAir),  the same day stand-by fee is only $35 .

This program is subject to seat availability. You may request a Same Day Confirmed Flight Change with a ticket agent at the RavnAir Alaska station. You must be there to check in, one hour prior to the flight’s scheduled departure and up to 6 hours before the desired flight leaves. For example, if you are scheduled to leave on the 10 p.m. flight, and you would like to leave on the 2 p.m. flight, you may request your change as early as 8 a.m.

If you’ve already missed your flight and wish to use our Same Day Confirmed Flight Change for another flight on your original travel day, please see a customer service agent for assistance.

To qualify for the Same Day Confirmed Flight Change Program:

  • You must be holding confirmed reservations and tickets for flights operated by RavnAir Alaska and PenAir. This includes tickets booked with FlyAway Rewards points
  • You must keep the routing identical – meaning the same origin, destination and any possible connection cities
  • Your new desired flight must depart on the same calendar day as your originally scheduled flight

If your ticket is booked with the following exemptions, you qualify for the Same Day Confirmed Flight Change program free of charge:

  • FlyAway Rewards Gold Tier Members
  • FlyAway Rewards Silver Tier Members
  • Your ticket was purchased as a fully-refundable ticket

If you wish to make changes outside the above listed eligibility, normal change fees and restrictions apply.  These changes must be made through a reservation agent by calling 1-800-866-8394.

Flying with Baggage

  • Bring any checked baggage to the counter one hour before departure.
  • If you have a carry-on item, please ensure you check in with an agent to receive a orange hand-carry tag for approved items to carry on board.
  • If you are not traveling with baggage, please be at the boarding gate 30 minutes prior to departure to ensure you have plenty of time for boarding the aircraft.

Make sure all luggage and hand-carried items have your name, address and telephone number clearly labeled on the outside as well as on the inside. Remove all old tags attached to your luggage from any prior trips. Don’t forget to declare any hand-carried items and receive a hand-carry tag for all approved items.

For more information on our baggage policies, along with maximum weight limits on carry-on’s and checked baggage, click here.