Pilot Lifestyle

Ravn Air Group is constantly growing and is now up to about 200 Pilots and 34 Flight Attendants, with total crew member staffing in the Ravn Air Group at about 315. PenAir and Ravn Alaska’s seniority system will move you through the pilot ranks in the following progression: First Officer, Junior Captain, Captain.

Due to career progression, fleet improvements, and pilot retirement, we hire new pilots every year. Our most senior pilot has been with us since 1985 and our newest are just getting started in training. Our internal ADE program allows us to qualify applicants with ATP minimums once they successfully complete our thorough and challenging flight training program.

Ravn Connect’s seniority system progresses you through the pilot ranks depending on your experience level, but typically starting as a C208 Caravan First Officer.

Pilot Bases and Lifestyle

Our pilots agree that Ravn provides a great balance between personal life and an airline career. PenAir and Ravn Alaska are one of the few airlines that provide “home every night” schedules, and while commuting is not as common as other airlines, commuting from the Pacific Northwest Region is certainly a possibility. Ravn Connect is one of a few operations with a rotational two week on, two week off commuter schedule. Between the certificates, as your lifestyle changes, so can your career: the PenAir and Ravn Alaska transfer policy allows a streamline transfer within our organization.

At this time, PenAir and Ravn Alaska (Part 121) have only one pilot base: Anchorage. We staff more than 80 pilots here between the two certificates. Anchorage has a comfortable population of about 300,000 and provides reasonably-priced housing, all the comforts of a mid-sized metropolis, and many outdoor and family activities.

Temperatures in the summer hover around 75°F and in the winter can get down to -20°F. Of course the city, as well as the state, offer many recreational activities: hiking, fishing, back-packing, skiing, an excellent trail system, and the beautiful Chugach State park within 20 minutes of downtown Anchorage. Those not familiar with Alaska may have heard rumors of all daylight nights in the summer and a lot of darkness in the winter. Generally, those rumors are true, with the hours getting more extreme the farther north you go.

For crew member flight schedules, Ravn Alaska pilots currently utilize a monthly preferential bidding system and trip trading system that allows crew members to have control over their schedule and days off. Depending on individual preference and seniority, pilots can bid on early morning shifts, late night shifts or something in between.

Bidding preferences can also include maximizing flight time and pay, or maximizing reserve duty or time off.

Ravn Connect

Ravn Connect pilots are based in one of ten stations, which are listed below. Though work days are challenging, activities such as hunting, fishing, and many others will be right in your backyard.

  • Aniak
  • Barrow (Utqiaġvik)
  • Bethel
  • Deadhorse (Prudhoe Bay)
  • Fairbanks
  • Galena
  • Kotzebue
  • Nome
  • St. Mary’s
  • Unalakleet

Company Culture

We will maintain the highest levels of safety through proactive management systems, professional training, and attention to detail.

Ravn Air Group has a strong foundation on safety: “no one gets hurt, nothing gets broken,” and an unyielding focus on regulations and company policies. The demanding constraints of the environment, as well as the logistical challenges of operating in Alaska, require extra care and vigilance. Ravn Air Group strives to continuously improve our safety culture which has already developed to produce one of the safest and most responsive airlines in Alaska.

Ravn Air Group is also responsive to the needs and concerns of its employees who provide the means to keep the company growing and improving each year. We value our pilots, and always strive to treat you like a valuable individual, not a just a number. We are truly grateful that you are interested in being part of our team.