Why RavnAir Group?

RavnAir Group is the largest Alaska-based airline with more than 70 aircraft serving over 115 Alaska communities on a daily basis. Comprised of RavnAir Alaska and PenAir, both of which are Part 121 air carriers, and RavnAir Connect, a Part 135 air carrier, RavnAir Group operates more than 400 flights in a day

Ravn Alaska, PenAir, and Ravn Connect all offer challenging and beautiful flying throughout Alaska to gravel runways, ice strips, and more. So many of the locations we serve have something unique which offers experiences like no other.

Better Lifestyle

RavnAir Alaska & PenAir

  • Day trip schedules mean that you are home every night;
  • Online scheduling for easy shift trading;
  • Preferential bidding to optimize and personalize your monthly flight schedule;
  • Bid AM, PM, or Reserve lines to fit your lifestyle;
  • Advanced multi-engine turbine fleet;
  • iPad-based electronic flight bags issued to each pilot;
  • Minimum of 10 days off per month, although most pilots receive 12 even during the busy summer months;
  • Pre-approved vacation locked 6 to 12 months in advance;
  • Pick up extra shifts for time and a half;
  • Supplemental vacation time awarded in reverse seniority the month prior;
  • Part 121 scheduled domestic operations as well as unique supplemental (charter) operations.

RavnAir Connect

  • Rotational two weeks on, two weeks off schedule with no overnight trips;
  • Company housing provided in rural locations;
  • Pick up additional shifts in your primary base or throughout the network;
  • Fly passengers and cargo, gaining experience across the 135 fleet;
  • Quick upward advancement;
  • Build your time and experience for Part 121, or enjoy a fulfilling career typed in all RavnAir Connect aircraft.