Chartering a RavnAir Group aircraft provides a variety of benefits such as:

Flexibility to schedule air transportation to over 115 towns and communities throughout Alaska (including Canada & the lower 48).

Experienced crews capable of flying a mission to the polar ice cap or to a corporate meeting.
In-flight amenities ranging from snacks, gourmet meals and other amenities.

Additionally, RavnAir Alaska crews and aircraft operate across a broad spectrum of tasks and environments such as flying visitors to the arctic to see the northern lights, environmental support, aerial surveys, whale studies, forest fire support, smoke-jumpers, military supplies to remote radar sites and natural resources services.

Our past clients range from business travelers, tour companies, oil field crews, athletic teams and visitors to Alaska.

Long-Term Contract Services

RavnAir Alaska offers specialized contract charter services designed to meet specific client needs and to ensure the availability of aircraft and crews on a dedicated basis. If necessary, as in the case of medevac contracts or scientific studies, planes can be retrofitted with specialized equipment.

RavnAir Alaska will work with our customers to coordinate the right aircraft for the required number of passengers or cargo and purpose of the flight.

For more information, contact a charter sales representative via email, or for your convenience you may also contact us at (907) 865-8577.



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