19th May, 2017 / Posted in Ravn News

We can’t wait to see you on board this summer! Ensure a smooth trip on your next mainline flight with us by considering the below checklist concerning travel between Anchorage and Aniak, Bethel, Cordova, Deadhorse, Fairbanks, Homer, Kenai, Kodiak, Kotzebue, St. Mary’s, Unalakleet, and Valdez.



If checking in at the airport, Ravn Alaska requires check-in at least one hour prior to scheduled flight departure time, during the summer season.

Ravn Alaska has a 30-minute final check-in cutoff policy however we encourage 40 minutes if checking baggage.



Carry-On Baggage

For mainline flights carry-on items 14 inches long by 10 inches wide by 18 inches deep will accepted. Carry-on items may not exceed 20 lbs.

Ravn Alaska may not be able to accommodate carry-on baggage that other carriers can. Please stop by our ticket counter or utilize our baggage sizer to ensure your bag will be accommodated on board our aircraft.

If traveling to remote locations in Alaska we encourage you to reach out to your connecting regional hub to confirm carry-on limitations. Please see below for regional hub contact information.



Checked Baggage

First 2 pieces: FREE

When making connections to another carrier, you will be subject to the fees of the most significant carrier’s rules. For example, if you are connecting from any Ravn Alaska flight to Alaska Airlines from Anchorage to Seattle or beyond, Alaska Airlines’ baggage rules and fees will apply as they are the largest portion of your journey.

When checking more than 2 items, the additional items will be loaded on a standby/space available basis and handled in accordance with voluntary separation baggage rules. Additional fees may apply.



Transporting your Alaska seafood or game

Have containers packaged and sealed before you get to the airport. TSA will inspect your containers in Anchorage.

Avoid additional baggage charges by keeping each container under 50 pounds.

Cold storage is only available at Ravn Alaska Anchorage station.

Due to high volume during the fishing season, we encourage you to bring in your packaged fish between 12 and 24 hours before your flight if you are traveling from Kenai, Kodiak, Homer, or Valdez.




Cannabis: While cannabis is legal to consume in the State of Alaska, all Ravn Alaska flights are operated under federal law and cannabis is still illegal under that law. Passengers may not transport any amount of cannabis on a Ravn Alaska operated flight. Ravn Alaska employees will not take or hold any cannabis on behalf of a passenger.


Travel in Rural Alaska

Village travel protocol differs from our mainline service.  Flying to and from villages is centralized out of regional hubs.  Our regional hubs house the aircraft used to service each region and are responsible for the day to day flying schedules.

We encourage you to reach out to one of the below regional hubs for questions or concerns regarding upcoming travel to remote locations in Alaska.


  • Aniak (907) 675-4572
  • Barrow (907) 852-8333
  • Bethel (907) 543-3800
  • Deadhorse (907) 659-9222
  • Fairbanks (907) 450-7200
  • Galena (907) 656-1875
  • Kotzebue (907) 442-3020
  • Nome (907) 443-2414
  • St. Mary’s (907) 438-2246
  • Unalakleet (907) 624-3595