PenAir Flight 3296 Information Update

Pen Air Flight 3296 (marketed by Alaska Airlines) departed Anchorage for Dutch Harbor and upon landing at approximately 5:40 pm, went off the end of the runway.

We have been informed that two passengers were critically injured and ten others are receiving medical care in Unalaska. All others passengers are being cared for.

The flight left Anchorage at 3:15 pm today with 39 passengers and three crew members on board.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of our passengers and crew, and the family members of everyone with loved ones on this flight,” said PenAir CEO Dave Pflieger.

PenAir, which is owned by Ravn Air Group, is in close contact and fully cooperating with the NTSB, which will be investigating this accident.

PenAir and Ravn have established a family assistance line for everyone who has loved ones on this flight. Please call 1-800-757-4784 if you need any additional information.

Updates will be provided on an ongoing basis, as available.