Update on Cyber Attack

RavnAir Group continues to operate flights, albeit at a deliberately slower pace, at the company’s three airlines, RavnAir Alaska, PenAir, and RavnAirConnect, following a cyber attack that disrupted the company’s IT network on Friday, December 20.

Of the three airlines, RavnAir Alaska and its Dash 8 fleet, continues to be the most impacted due to the loss, and now ongoing restoration, of its maintenance IT system.

It is expected that operations will continue to be slowed, and possibly disrupted for the next week, due to the need to shut down and assess every part of the company’s IT network and all company computers and servers.

The airline is working with multiple government agencies, as well as cyber security experts, to address this network attack and ensure that the airline gets back up and running normally as soon as possible — especially given the important holiday season when many of our customers are traveling to see families, friends, and loved ones.

To date, 14% of RavnAir Alaska flights have been impacted by the cyber attack. There has also been an unrelated weather cancellation to Unalaska/Dutch Harbor.

The airline, which like other carriers has a reduced flight schedule on Christmas Day, will continue to keep passengers and others apprised of the situation.

We appreciate the ongoing patience and understanding of our customers and business partners during this challenging time.