Check-In & Cut-Off Times

Web Check-In

Check in within 24 hours of departure. Web check-in not available within one hour of a flight’s departure. Once you have printed your boarding pass, check in at the airport one hour before your scheduled departure. You will need a government-issued picture ID (not required for children under 18) to check in and board the aircraft.

Web check-in is not offered for unaccompanied minors, or passengers traveling with infants, pets or may need special assistance.

Airport Check-In

Checking in at the airport is required at least one hour prior to scheduled flight departure time. If you are not traveling with baggage, you must be at the boarding gate prior to the Cut-off time below. If you do not have baggage but did not check-in via the web you must check in with a gate agent.

You will need a government-issued picture ID to check in (not required for children under 18).

If you are traveling on a flight operated by RavnAir Alaska (certificate of Corvus Airlines) or PenAir, we are required by the TSA to collect Secure Flight Information which includes your first, middle and last name, date of birth, gender and redress number (if applicable) for every reservation. By federal law, you must provide this before you can be checked in.

RavnAir Alaska & PenAir Cut-Off Times

Passengers cut-off times vary by route:

  • 30 minutes prior to departure time for travel between Anchorage and Kenai, Valdez, Homer, and Fairbanks.
  • 40 minutes prior to departure time for travel between Anchorage and all other destinations.

Passengers must be checked in and have a boarding pass no later than the cut-off times noted above.  If not checked in by the cut off times noted, one’s entire reservation may be cancelled and all seats will be released for standby customers or additional baggage and freight. Please don’t forget to budget time for unanticipated and peak time delays as well as the time one may be in line.

RavnAir Connect Cut-Off Times

Departing from a Regional Hub — Check-in 1 hour prior to scheduled departure. Once you are checked in, stay in the terminal and listen to all announcements as flights may leave early.

Departing from a Village — Check-in with the village agent at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled flight time. Although we strive to maintain operations as they are scheduled, many factors can affect actual flight times. Therefore, be sure to stay in touch with the village agent for the most up-to-date information. You may also check flight status by calling your local hub station.

Staff is finishing the final flight paperwork and the loading process at 30 minutes prior to departing, restricting passengers to check in for the flight within the last 30 minutes. If you are not checked in at 30 minutes prior to your scheduled departure you may be denied boarding. 

Failure to check-in or cancel a confirmed reservation may result in automatic cancellation of your entire itinerary.